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10 April 2020

Aluminum Casement Window With Retractable Rolling Screen

Aluminum casement windows have 2 different materials.  Thermal break material and Nnon-thermal break material. Thermal break effective of sound proof and insulated temperature much better than non-Thermal break material. It has 3 wyas to open. 1. Outward opening way. 2. Inward opening way. 3. Tilt and turn opening way. A. Application: Casement windows are widely used in commercial and residential buildings, office buildings, high-end residences and villas in cities ect... B. Casement window advantage: 1. Ventilation. Except inward opening and outward opening ways. tilt and turn opening way is anoth

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25 March 2020

Advantage Of Pvc Upvc Casement Window Chinese Supplier

1. Energy-saving insulation The multi-cavity structure of plastic steel profile has good heat insulation performance and extremely low heat transfer coefficient, which is only 1 / 4.5 of steel lining and 1/8 of aluminum. Its economic and social benefits are huge. 2. Air tightness Plastic steel doors and windows are fitted with rubber-plastic sealing strips and wool tops at all gaps during installation, so their air tightness is much higher than that of aluminum alloy doors and windows. The airtightness of plastic steel casement windows is higher than that of sliding windows. In general, the airtightness of c

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20 March 2020

Horizontal Opening Australian Standards Casement Design Aluminium Windows

Casement window is nice for large opening area, good ventilation, good sealing, sound insulation, heat preservation and impermeability.   Suitable for a wide variety of home styles, Casement Windows offer superior ventilation and easy operation.  In addition to this, Casement Windows shut tightly and provide a firm lasting seal. It is because of this functionality that casement windows receive the highest thermal performance ratings of any windows styles. There are a multitude of options that can be combined to give your home a custom feel.  Please conta

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19 March 2020

Modern Residential Aluminum Bifolding Glass Windows

Today we use the same proven platform to make our hybrid folding windows as we do for our hybrid folding doors.  And unlike other manufacturers who solely use aluminum, vinyl or wood when manufacturing their folding window systems,  Superhouse™ combines both vinyl and aluminum to offer our customers something truly unique.   The positives of aluminum folding window system Aluminum is a great material for bifold window systems. It is strong and rigid. It allows for larger sized installations vs. the traditional vinyl bifolding window system. At the same time, t

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